Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank you to all my readers for making the Old Forge Tribune a success.

To all Old Forge Tribune readers thank you

for making this news source

a success. We are in the process of making a

new website which will expand

to surrounding areas. But we will not be

processing anymore updated news after

tomorrow. Due to major surgery owner will

have tomorrow which will lay him up

for quite sometime. I thank everyone for

reading this news source and just to keep

in mind that we will be back with bigger and

better news. The frist news were looking

into a possible rape that occured which no

charges were filed against the accused which

will appear in the new website. "You can't

miss this one" Thank you all for

Robert Hughes


  1. Bob Let's compromise. You take all the crap about me off this page and I promise never to write about you again...about anything. There's no reason for this fighting. I expect you will remove all the stuff about me within 3 days. Is it a deal? DEF

  2. Bob, you provide a valuable service for the surrounding community. Keep up the good work. Your phone numbers are gone. Call me. I'm wondering how you're doing, with the operation and all.