Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old Forge Fire on connell street seems suspicious

In the early morning hours on september 11 there was a abanded home that
sat in the connell street in old forge. the fire seems suspicious and on tuesday
sometime tuesday evening at 36 connell street some one tried to set that one
on fire also. But the owner of the residence put the fire out before it got out
of hand . Any one with information on these fires should call 911 or 457-7441
and ask for Kim Buggey officer in charge. You can also leave a message saying
what you know and you can say who the person was that committed the crime
that number is 570-471-7147 it is the old forge Tribune and all calls will be kept
confidential. were asking all residents to keep a close watch and lock all your
doors. Last night someone burned a vehicle at
36 connell street outside the home. Where are
the Old Forge police when you need them. You
cant hang out at turkey hill in Old Forge and
expect to catch the person who is committing
the arsons. please I ask you to look out for your
neighbors and possible take a picture of this
person or start your own crime watch in that area. Also contact state fire police at 570-963-3156 and ask for trooper kaneski council needs
to improve the police force not let them do what they want to do. As of this afternoon the
Old Forge Police arrested the fire bug from
Connell street it was the home owner or resident at 36 connell street doing these fires
himself his name is William Snyder he was also
employed by Reliable Transportation  He also
transported children to their homes and from school. He also was an office manager at reliable. Great work by officer Kim Buggey and Officer Dave Kimble.

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