Sunday, November 11, 2012

read about mike kesloskey ripping off lackawanna housing

This is to inform Lackawanna county housing that mike kesloskey  has been frauding
the housing authority. He works for a contractor by the name Biagio Scala who lives at
north evanes court in Scranton. it's the only white  house with all camera's around it.
They are digging out his cellar so they can fix a plumbing pipe with out a Scranton
permit they are violating the city code. Mike is also a veteren advocate if you want proof
you are welcome to call me and i will bring my computer to any city hall to see the letter's
he wrote for kids being on house arrest.Biagio Scalia is not a license contractor in this
area. He and his brother own's New York boilers which is a heating bussiness in new york
only. He recently took on a roof job by his house with no permit by the city.
HERE is one of his major worker called padro.They also drive a white van w dark tinted 

Mike keslosky was taking 500.00 a month off of me to pay Biagio to put in a bedroom in my cellar which should of been done two weeks ago. Which had to be paid in 100.00 dollar bills  at 500.00 total i paid him in front of my mom. Why don't the oldforge housing check his apt. at 727 george street and see all the cluter and fire hazard he has there. He collects people's junk and takes it to my garage or in his apartment. This is a worker named Joe. This man is not a police officer in OldForge or in any town but he tells people he is to get information from you so he can cause trouble and make him look good. THIS IS THE MONEY MAN FOR BIAGIO SCALIA. BIAGIO DRIVES A WHITE VAN WITH DARK TINTED WINDOWS WHICH IS ELEAGAL IN PENNSYLVIA.

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