Sunday, December 2, 2012

Final notice for your furniture

Michael B. Keslosky
727 George St.
Old Forge pa. 18518

This is to advise Michael Keslosky that you must remove all your furniture
being stored at 519 bridge street in my garage by no later than 10 days of
this notice on 12\3\2012. This is your second notice and final notice.
If your furniture is not out of my garage by 12\13\2012. All items belonging
to you and your worker's will be taken to the landfill and discarded at the home
owners expensive no exceptions and no more time final date to remove items
is 12\13\2012. The next date which will be 12\14\2012 will be taken to the land
fill and discarded at home owners expensive.

Robert W. Hughes 

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