Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't hire this handy man he will rob you and do shabby work for a quick buck.

This is Peter Anderline who lives at 133 south keyser ave old forge pa and resides with  my Aunt Sally Delvecchio and also employed by Dupont Motor Lines in Old Forge pa. My name is Robert Hughes I hired peter to do construction work at 519 bridge street in old forge pa. He was supose to frame out a bedroom for me at the cost of 2,000.00 for everything and i pay for all materials which i did every time. I gave him 250.00 for drop ceilings for my bedroom and my kitchen which i never received. He told my mom that he had them in my aunt sally garage for a month now which he still never produced as of yet. We at Old Forge Tribune are investigating  Peter Anderline to alledgly be involved in stealing materials with another driver from home depot and with Dupont Motor Lines where he works. Why we say this is because when he was working in my basement he would bring paper towels toilet paper with the name of weis store brand name on it and try to sell it to my mom for 20.00 for each bag when you can buy it for 9.00 at weis store in Duryea. He is always bringing all kinds of paper products at his home in Old Forge at 133 south keyser ave in Old Forge. I was at my aunt's house one night when the avon lady's husband Louie raddle was there and Peter asked louie if he wanted to buy a yellow rain suit off of him for 20.00 dollars louie said no he was not interested. Peter Anderline was on the run for 3 years living with my aunt sally off and on to hide from domestic relations but McGraw was smarter than peter he finally got caught and spent 6 month's in the Lackawanna county jail for non support. Peter Anderline had a scam going in Scranton where he tried to do it to me  he asked me if i wanted to get a big screen tv that was a 60" inch for 500.00 bucks i told him no. But he did that scam to a waitress from the Glider dinner in Scranton where he was arrested by Detective Robert McCandrew who filed charges on him .He was sentenced by Judge Barrasse and ordered to pay restut to that waitress. Watch out for this conartist who lives in Old Forge. News is he owes 800.00 in the rear in restitution why is the court system letting him get away with this. Stay tuned on this story the pictures will appear very soon of the shabby work he did at my home. I hired a new contractor which he is doing a great job so far. But Peter is not going to get away with robbing me because when this contractor is done working here that means i paid for double work and i will have all my receipts of what i paid out and then i'm having Peter arrested for theft of services. He also uses a scranton address and not old forge where he resides.He's a conman from hell.

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