Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let me tell you about Gaughan Auto Store in taylor.

Watch out for the lemon's he sell's

I bought a ford ranger off of Gaughan Auto Store in taylor for 6995.00 drove it maybe
500.00 miles and the frame cracked on the driver side of vehicle. I'm disabled and walk
with a cane due to rsd.The vin#1FTZR15XOXTA41066 Title # was 53300614706hu.
This vehicle was taken to eddie's tire on washington ave in scranton he can verify how
bad the frame was. Mike Kesloskey called state police in to look at the truck as to my
knowledge the state police fined mike Gaughan for passing it with inspection. I robert
hughes went to mike Gaughan and made a deal on a 2006 Chevy colardo which was
standard shift he wanted 8995.00 plus my Ford Ranger. So i decided to make the deal
which i'm paying him 208.00 a month for 48 month's. know i find out i need back surgery
which i can't drive the chevy anymore due to my left spasam's so he got in a 2001 Nissan
Frontier crewcab i offered him 2,000.00 and my truck will pay him 1500.00 cash on Jan 3rd
romayne say's everything was fine untill Jan2nd who call's but Romayne and say's that mike
want's more money because he said it's worth about 10,000.00. so I told Romayne to tell Mike
he's nothing but a greedey bastard and i will never buy a car or truck there. Just before the Holiday
i took my cousin there to buy a 2006 saturn ion. which he has problems with already.I Robert hughes
advised not to buy from Gaughan Auto store in Taylor you should look at other dealers frist.
   This greedy bastard has no heart for the disabled.And just a friendly reminder he owns the auto auction on Keyser Ave in Scranton

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