Monday, January 28, 2013

teenager speeds up hill street in Duryea in bad weather and hit's suv sending about 60 feet down the corner of bridge street.

This accident was last night on hill street in Duryea at a high rate of speed driven by Louis Mancuso's
son with teenagers inside a Nissan Xterra SUV that caused severe damage to another Nissan SUV that was parked on hill street. This was the vehicle that was hit. This sign was knocked over by the blue SUV that was parked. This is the SUV that hit the blue suv on hill street when it was parked. pushing the suv about 60 feet at the corner of bridge street. that tried to take off but vehicle died in front of credit union what was he thinking of taking off . The vehicle is owned by Louis Mancuso his wife asked the owner of the oldforge tribune if i had to be there taking pictures and i told her i will be where i want to be. With that kind of attitude you just bought a front page add. To bad u weren't in old forge to cover this one up.
     You be the judge was this teenager speeding.

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