Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't pay with cash at AARON'S sales & lease.

 When you buy at arron's sales & lease pay only with check or debit card.
This arron's was investigated by Old Forge Tribune and was caught red handed
charging more for products than they should of been. For example look at the receipt
down below this page you will see that this computer has a balance of 394.18 to be
paid off. Look at the receipt where it was paid 100.00 today. And their still saying
this has 6.50 payments monthly payments left times 100.00 a month and see what you
come up with.  

This girl in picture gave me and my mother a hard time she claims she works there but what was she doing there if she was not working at the time. Maybe Dave should look at his cameras more closely to see what goes on in the South side store. Oh and by the way Arron's has a new sheriff in town called Mike. Steve is the manager of this store my mom pays him every month at 205.00  for bedroom suit and 2 playstations which were suppose to be 12 months which switched to 24 months. Which is a total of 4,920.00 i think this is highway robbery you can go to best buy and buy brand new one for 500.00. If i was you i would not lease or buy from this store. They also clean furniture that was brought back or picked up by customers that can't afford it or caught on to their game. And by the way questioned why the playstations
were so high and the new sheriff told my mom that the
goverment allows them to charge how much they want. Stay tuned we will contact the govener of pennsylvania and let you
consumers know what the truth really is.

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