Monday, May 27, 2013

Resident's that buy a mobile home or modular home in sunset mobile home trailer park beware of your rights.

I just purchased a doublewide modular home off of The owner Robert J. Free from New Jersey.
for the sum of 22,000.00 which i paid 400.00 in may for may's rent on modular home plus paid
285.00 lot rent for the month of May. I only stayed untill May 9th and moved out because of an
argumment between me and my live in girlfriend. We made no problems moving our stuff out.
I contacted Robert J. Free and explained to him that I moved out because of problems my mom
was having with my dad who is a stroke victim and had to be with them at that time. Me and my
mom decided to go ahead and still purchased the modular home which sits in the sun set mobile home trailer park. On May 20,2013 we were informed to go and see Mike Hanis who owns the  trailer park. So I did meet with mike who owns the trailer park along with my mother to get 4 sets
of keys that belong to 2243 modular home that we lived in
 that they changed the locks on thier own  which should of not been done untill I had time to come up with the 10,000.00 dollar down payment buy June,2013
Which i had a signed agreement with Robert J. Free that he could not sell the modular home as long as he got the rent on time and the down payment before the end of June. All the while why i was out of the home I stayed in complete communition with Mr. Free and a Heather Zeiss. Heather Zeiss went threw our window in our mobile home and changed the locks so we could not get in the home.
Heather also told Robert J. Free that i had security cameras on other people's property which i was
watching them that is a total lie. I don't know what Heather told this Mike about me but i can assure
you it is all about lie's. My mom and I meet with Mike he was totally ignorant and his wife was even
worse. We  even told mike that it would be myself my mom and my dad who is a stroke victim and my nephew and he went off  the wall after my mother and that we would have to pay an extra 105.00 more towards the rent. While I was present with my mom Mike told me and my mom that
Robert J. Free was going to sell the modular home to a bunch of mexicans and Mike said no F------
way or Mr. Free would have to move the modular home of his lot. Mike works for Abington Heights
High School as a bus driver and how can he have that kind of an attitude when driving all kinds of kids. This man does not deserve to have a bussiness because he discrimates against families and treat's his tentant's disrespectful. If anybody had any problems against MIKE Hanis his Wife or the SUNSET MOBILE HOME TRAILER PARK IN RANSOM OR CLARKS SUMMIT PLEASE CALL OLD FORGE TRIBUNE AT (570) 451-1926 OR (570)687-2474 PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME AND WHAT PROBLEM YOU HAD LIVING THERE AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU . After this story appeared online we got a call from phone number(570) 388-6149 on friday
may 31st at 4:00pm. And said we didn't print the truth I told that caller yes we did and if he had any
problem with that story we would meet with you and see where you didn't understand. All we got in
response was a hang up call. Know we did a further investagation into sunset mobile home park and
found out that Mike G. Hanis and Georgina Hanis own that park. But you think you know your neighbors how about knowing your landlords. Stay tuned for more information.

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