Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old- Forge-cop-s-suspension-upheld

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  1. This is long over due. This just shows that Gods not sleeping and I look at this as a victory for the tax payers in Old Forge.
    But council should take a good look at their
    own police dept. Who meets with mike kesloskey
    at the late hours of the night and tells him whats going on in the police dept. That is why he knows everything that's going on in the dept. Because we have police that try to stab their own council and Mayor. The council should keep an eye open at night to see who their cops talk too late at night such as meeting places are convient store off moosic road behind marriotti's parking lot off moosic road and turkeyhill in old forge and keyser ave in taylor. The doughnut shop in dicksoncity. Just ask me and I will be more than ever to give you a written statement of what I know what was going on. my cell # is 570-687-2474 and my name is Robert w Hughes